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Beginners Course Content

The Beginners Spanish Course for Holidays covers two main areas: ‘About you’ and when ‘On your holidays’.

1) About you…you will learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Make basic greetings eg how are you?
  • Reply with various responses eg very well
  • Explain what you do for a living
  • Say where you live,
  • Talk about your family

2) On your holiday… you will learn how to:

  • Buy train/bus tickets or book a cab
  • Check into a hotel
  • Ask for directions
  • Request a table at a restaurant
  • Order food and drinks
  • Ask for the bill
  • Tell the time
  • Count to 100

And much much more!

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Improvers Course Content

The Improvers Spanish Course covers two main areas: “Understanding Main Tenses: Present and Expressing Past and Future Plans” and “Expanding your Vocabulary: Describing Things, Yourself and Others”

 1) Understanding Main Tenses: Present and Expressing Past and Future Plans

  • Expanding Vocabulary Through Verb Endings: The Present Tense
  • Understanding Stem-Changing Verbs (Present Tense)
  • Present Tense Expressions
  • Expressing Actions in Progress: “ING”
  • Expressing Past Actions Through Preterit Tense
  • Understanding the Past Tenses
  • Understanding how to use “Ago” in Spanish
  • Past Tense Expressions
  • Expressing Future Actions Using “I am going to” or “I want” + Infinitive Verbs
  • Understanding the Future Tense
  • Future Tense Expressions

2) Expanding your Vocabulary: Describing Things, Yourself and Others

  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • The Date
  • The Weather
  • Seasons
  • Useful Vocabulary to Describe
  • Describing your Outfit (Verb “To Wear”)
  • Clothes, Colours and Patterns
  • Essential Adjectives
  • Parts of the Body
  • Describing Yourself (Verbs “To Be”, “To Have” and “To Wear”)
  • Question Words
  • Grammar, Most Useful Verbs, Essential Phrases and Vocabulary

And much much more!!!

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